Dr. Lopamudra Priyadarshini

The Lady Herself

Co-existence is a crucial phenomenon required to be intertwined in the fabric of the society. Without this, the gap between people grows more and more, leading to the catastrophic failure and crash of the society. Hence, Co-Existence, along with the development of the masses is need of the hour to overcome the hurdles faced by the world at large.
Dr. Lopamudra is one of the leading and active figures in the field of development, where her belief of co-existing societies enables her to deliver more to masses. She further believes that social responsibilities and sustainability work in tandem, to fuel the engine of a fully functional society.

21 Year

Experiece in field

Focus on

Sustainability – CSR – Development


Honoured with Numerous Awards


The first step to change is acceptance. Dr. Lopamudra works upon helping the masses realize the issues, so that the cycle of change initiates for betterment of the society. Further, she plays an instrumental role in creating sustainable solutions for different social and economical issues, so that the changes are permanent.


‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ is a Sanskrit phrase that means “The world in one family”. This is what Dr. Lopamudra envisions, to create a world without discrimination, hatred, differences and mental boundaries. She emphasizes on awareness towards different social fronts, in order to bring harmony and people together.

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