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End of the world?

Corona Lockdown: Pros and Cons

If we take a look back on how we all spent our last two months, after reading this line, we will realize that we spent less, lived more, felt healthier, and got time to explore ourselves like never before. Not everything about this lockdown affected us negatively, while we identified the silver lining in this dark cloud as well. No denying the tough times that we all have been dealing in the last few months, owing to several situations dealt by all of us during the lockdown. We all have been there, looking for supplies and essentials for us, but not getting things due to the hoarding and lack of production.

Impact of Lockdown on Life

Nevertheless, there is one thing that this lockdown made very clear to us. We learned it the hard way that the supplies that we have are limited in quantity and we have to be very wise to make the most of it. One mistake and we will exhaust our supplies and it will be excruciatingly hard for some people to arrange more supplies due to limited money circulation. The optimal use of these supplies has proven to be a beneficial factor for minimizing the utilization of resources while maximizing their use.

End of the World

Now, look through the lens of this intelligent usage of resources on a global level. The lockdown is temporary and still, the people went faced troubles over managing their life. The resources were limited due to the lack of production facilities. But the humans have been depleting the earthly resources as if they are endless and just adding more and more to the production lines without thinking of tomorrow.

Imagine a situation where the resources actually come to an end. Not due to the lack of production, but because we have used it all that the earth had to offer. The situation will be no less than havoc, where the human race will cease to exist in a matter of days. And this is not something hypothetical, but a bitter reality, we have been using the limited resources as if there is no end to them. The end result is catastrophic, if not the destruction of the planet we call home.

There have been many motions, laws, and movements to control this depletion of our planet, but unfortunately, not everyone supports it, resulting in the sinking of such plans and actions. this is the time to change the system in order to bring a positive change to the society, and it can be done optimally through the permanent solution of ‘Circular Economy’.

What is the Circular Economy?

A circular economy is one that is restorative and regenerative by design – it is about optimization of value circulation, not prevention of waste generation. It is a continuous positive development cycle that preserves and enhances natural capital, optimizes resource yields, and minimizes system risks by managing finite stocks and renewable flows – Deloitte

In simpler words, the Circular Economy is about ‘Instead of discarding assets after only one product cycle, companies are developing ways to continually re-acquire and reintroduce these assets to market.’

In the current system, we buy a product, use it, and when it malfunctions, we replace it with a new and discard the old one. The old one goes in a dumpster and the new product is made utilizing fresh resources, depleting the planet. This process is called a linear economy, and we need to switch to the circular economy model.

Here is what needs to be done:

  1. Instead of manufacturing and selling things, companies need to shift to the model of leasing.
  2. Once a consumer leases a product, it comes with certain validity of usage and contract of service under the contract.
  3. After the validity is over, either it is renewed for the product in use or the company takes it back, recycles it, and brings back to the market.
  4. The same product is now renewed by the company and leased by another consumer.
    This cycle will help in attaining sustainability to the planet, as the use of new resources will be reduced exponentially, the old product will be recycled and reused.

It is what the Mother Nature has done all across since the existence of life on Earth. Whatever comes into existence goes back to the nature for creating something new. The thought of circular economy shall come naturally to us, for recycling everything that we produce to create something new again and again. Ranging from industries to personal level, we require to aim for adapting the process of circular economy to bring the required positive change to the world.

Once the concept of owning products is replaced with leasing them, the planet and its resources can be conserved for a longer period and this is the only solution we have to save the earth. It is the need of the hour to adapt to this model, or there is no tomorrow.


  1. Completely agree with this thought. We have to conserve and use limited resources judiciously.
    We owe it to our future generations…

    1. Indeed. If we won’t do it now, the future looks dark and earth perishing with human greed.

  2. Very exhaustive and factual. Nicely narrated too Dear. Guidance for furure. Very Relevant at this crucial juncture. Keep writing and guiding the society. Hats Off Dear.

    1. I am glad if my work would serve as a guide to even a single person, as it is a chain reaction, initiating as one and going all the way to change the world for better. The change begins with us at an individual level.

  3. Everyone has been in lockdown for over a month. Many of us are bored, miss our daily routines, and frustrated about staying indoors all the time. It is completely normal to feel this way as it is in our nature to go out and socialise with other people. But what we don’t seem to have realised is that there is a plus side to being in lockdown. The first and obvious reason is that we are helping to flatten the curve by safeguarding ourselves.

    A Positive Impact On Our Health

    1. We Are Getting Sufficient Sleep

    2. Eating Healthy Home Cooked Food

    3. Time To Workout

    4. Home Care

    5. Family Time

    It might not seem like it at first, but the lockdown can have many benefits. The positive impact on our health and well-being is a good reason why everyone should take this time and make the most of it.

    Very important: Lockdown impact: Anxiety levels up as appraisals get delayed, job loss fears rise

    Impact on environment:
    Air pollution has dropped to unprecedented levels across the India and world as major cities and countries impose lockdown measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus.
    As humans stay inside, the environment is temporarily changing: wild animals are roaming the streets and some typically smog-filled skies are clear.
    Despite the rare glimpse of natural beauty like snow-crested mountains and clearer skylines, scientists warn against celebrating any short-term benefits from the air pollution drop as levels will rebound once global restrictions lift.

    In the end we need to see how we take this COVID 19 / lockdown as pandemic or blessing in disguise as I personally have a strong feeling that European/ US business houses will move out/ shift their units from China & they may think to re-invest here in India as we have Resources, Man power, and world class engineers, doctors, scientist & other professional.

    Let’s hope for the best.

    1. This is certainly quite an insight that you have shared and I believe every word of it is true. If we pledge to do our bit to manage the environment, these effects can last long. And India as an economy will grow with our efforts only, as we are the fate of the world and our actions define what the world will become.

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