Dr. Lopamudra Priyadarshini

Political Rape of the Civilians

“A 3-year-old was raped and beheaded”
“15-year-old was raped and burnt to ashes” “17-year-old was gang-raped in Delhi”

Many would agree that this news has become more of a common sight across daily newspapers. Humanity has stooped so low that they won’t even spare toddlers, it is far fetched thought to consider the criterion of consent between adults. If looked upon closely, one would find that victims not only have to deal with the predators and sexual offenders, but with the system down the line as well.

As ugly as it sounds, it is an unfortunate truth that there have been a number of instances where people of power, ranging from politicians to government officials, have misused their position to molest, rape and later on, save themselves from legal proceedings. These actions not only result in troubles for the victims, but their families as well.

Unnao rape case is one of the most recent cases, where a then MLA of a certain party raped the victim in pretense of giving employment. The culprit misused his position and power to get victim’s father beaten to death, uncle intentionally arrested, as they raised their voice. A few months later, victim’s car was crushed by a truck, killing 2 of her aunts and grievously injuring victim and her lawyer. These events clearly pointed towards the misuse of power by the culprit.

This incident was one of the very few cases that surfaced beyond the control of such corrupt officers and leaders. But down the line, people are aware that heinous such acts take place too often and there aren’t enough checks that any government body could apply to prevent. It is not a fault of the system, Constitution or the government, but the corrupt people themselves. Out of the recent poll that I personally conducted across different social media channels about the reasons for rapes, the common answer was the Lack of Moral Education, amongst the others.

As unfortunate as it sounds, it is the humans walking among us who are failing to be ‘human’ enough. There indeed are all the countless reasons for rapes, but they somehow fall under a few categories, namely,

  • Illiteracy
  • Lack of Moral Education
  • Gender Inequality
  • Disrespect Amongst Genders

While these all are co-related and connected to each other, it is how we develop ourselves and younger ones to see and treat society. If related to a mathematical phenomenon called the Butterfly Effect, where a small variation can give rise to massive tidal waves later, missing on the basics of humanity can result in ugly outcomes. And it is not limited to one, as a single pebble in the pond creates ripples far greater than the extent of the pebble alone. Similarly, heinous crimes such as rapes give other predators confidence to move further and assault.

Identifying and realizing the problem are the initial yet major steps for reform, and the solution follows. Here, it begins with fixing our hearts first, then moving towards educating our younger ones to respect everyone, disregard of their race, gender, religion, and ethnicity. In regards to the misuse of power by the officers and leaders, the same solution applies, where the change begins with Us. It is no rocket science, just one good deed at a time, just one good thought and a little more respect towards the others every day. This exercise might not take much of time or efforts, but surely will change the world for better.

Rise up, rise above to harmony and respect.

Source: https://lopapriya.blogspot.com/2019/08/political-rape-of-civilians.html


  1. Nicely written Lopa ma'am. Agreed that the moral education will help to build awareness. But it in a coutry like ours, where people are one too many, it's going to be a slow and herculean task.
    I think, law and order should enforce more stringent punishments to the culprits. Right now our judicial system is so full of loopholes, that anybody with power and influence can take it for a ride. What happened to the so called ' juvenile ', who was the most brutal criminal among whole, in Nirbhaya's murder ? What is happening in Unnao ?
    Google says, the conviction rate for rape cases in India was 44.3% in 1973, 37.7% in 1983, 26.9% in 2009, 26.6% in 2010, 26.4% in 2011, 24.2% in 2012 and 27.1% in 2013.
    Capital punishment must be awarded to the rapists. A feeling of fear need to be induced in these anti social elements, by bringing in strictest of punishments.

  2. Herculian task it may seem to be , but not an impossible task..if each of us take the responsibility to teach our sons to respect and behave with the opposite gender ..moral duty begins from home..moreover system needs an immediate change wherein punishment is given theren then once culprit is found guiilty..

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